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Drawing Page

Power Symbols used on electrical diagrams


The symbols shown below are generally based on BS 7845:1996 , BS 3939 and BS EN 60617
The diagrams are produced using symbols .. The number of symbols are very large and BS EN 60617 includes many fields from power generation to solid state electronics.   The symbols below are just a selection related to the fields related to general engineering provided as a general guide/  For details showing proportions and sizes reference to the standards is necessary

Building Block Symbols

Symbols for Motors /Generators

Symbols for Transformers etc.

Basic Symbols for Power converters

Links Providing information on Drawing Diagrams and Symbols
  1. Red-Bag-Electrical Design Standard Symbols ... Download containing a large comprehensive set of symbols
  2. Units and Symbols for Electrical and Electronic Engineers - IET ... A very good quality resource. Lots of info.

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Drawing Page

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