PC Windows Version

The download copy of enables the user to have continuous access to the included information with no need to access the internet.

It includes all of the notes, and figures for the online version of Roymech as of date 17th Dec 2012.    It does not include the google adverts or information links.  The online version is updated frequently and therefore it is suggested the download version is primarily used when the user is not able to access the online version.

I am continuously updating the online version, by adding content, improving presentation and correcting errors.   I will update this downloadable version in about June 2013.    I will provide free, a single upgrade, for this downloaded version..

The cost of downloading this website is 10,00.

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Ipod Touch/Ipad version

The IPOD Touch /IPad version is configured for downloading onto the ipod Touch/Iphone and Ipad.

The website is very clear and readable on the Ipad.     It is readable on the Ipod Touch / Iphone but frequent use of the screen magnification facilities is required.   Again I do suggest that this version is only used when there is no access to the internet version.

To download this item onto the iPod/IPad device the app. "iSaveWeb..issue 2.4 or greater" must be pre-installed.    This costs about 2.00.

The procedure for installing Roymech-ipod is as follows

First download (save into a suitable directory on your PC) using the buy button below.

Ensure your PC and your ipod are in the same wifi range.

Start up iSaveWeb on your Ipod and touch share button and touch the "start sharing files icon"

Point your PC internet browser to the IP address identified on the IPod.

On your PC use touch the upload button on the screen which appears

Locate the file using the browse icon.

Initiate the transfer.

The cost of downloading this website is 8,00.   I will provide free, a single upgrade, for this downloaded version..

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